Park Avenue is Truly Mixed-Use

Park Avenue is a 9.5-acre mixed-use development located in Sugar House, one of Salt Lake City’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Anchored by the University of Utah Health’s new Sugar House Health Center, the development also includes a second, Class A office building, a 150-unit multi-family residential community, street-level retail, and an active gallery space, all along the newly created Park Ave. The development is ideally situated between two beautiful parks – the 110-acre Sugar House Park and the 30-acre Fairmont Park – and offers walkable access to nearby dining and shopping.

University of Utah Health Sugar House Health Center

University of Utah Health
Sugar House Health Center

Class A Office

Premier Class A Office Space


Covered Spaces for Employees and Guests


Window Boxes and Gallery Space

Park Ave Sugarhouse Map
  • The office building is designed to meet Class A standards to attract the country’s leading knowledge-based industries. In addition to high-end interior finishes, the building is designed to be visible at street level from all four sides.

  • A prominent plaza at the entrance and drop-off of the Sugar House Health Center offers green space along the west side of the building. The plaza provides respite for pedestrians, employees, and guests. Public artwork has also been incorporated into the plans.

  • Retail is planned along the street frontage of the Sugar House Health Center and the residential building.

  • Window boxes and a community art gallery space has been included in front of the parking podium structure.

  • A large crosswalk and landscaped median slow traffic and provide walkability from the podium parking structure to nearby shopping and dining. In the median, an art deco clock tower provides visual interest on the block and pays homage to Sugar House’s history.

  • At the street level of the residential building the project includes spaces for local retail with limited outdoor seating. The signage, storefronts, and balconies of the residential units are designed to provide visual variety and interest from the street level. Historical lighting, sidewalks, and landscaping are included in the design.

  • Ashton Avenue is designed to be an entrance for office employees and a PRATT (Parley’s Rails Trails & Tunnels) connection. The updated street will include dedicated bike lanes, sidewalk improvements, bike racks, a rest area and water bottle refill station.

University of Utah Health
Sugar House Health Center

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